Start building Web3

Zero Metadata

Even transactions that are supposed to be private can be traced in some way. Zoci protects your privacy by erasing all metadata after the successful relay

Customizable RPC

Fully customazible RPC, tailored to your needs. You make your own rules on how to interact with a dApp or smart contract

Easy setup

Choose 1-Click Setup using our list of templates or fully customize with the advanced admin panel

Txn Guard

Transaction Guard stops phishing threats, interactions with suspicious smart contracts to make sure users are interacting with legitimate, official sources



  • Seed round
  • Initial development
  • Networking

Phase 2

  • Onboarding
  • $ZOC initial distribution
  • Community growth

Phase 3

  • Closed Beta Deployment
  • Team Expansion
  • $ZOC distribution

Phase 4

  • Zoci Bridge
  • Officail Launch
  • Integration in non-custodial wallets
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